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1000s of Music Videos

Over 100,000 Adult Movies (with parental controls)

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Our Browser

The safest and most private browser ever made . . . and it beams streaming video to your TV!

Our Search Engine

Find and stream the best free videos from the Internet - Movies, TV shows, Music Videos, and more . . .

Our Device

Lets you stream those great free videos right to your TV with a push of a button

The Best Free Video from the Internet . . . On Your TV


This is YouBeam


The YouBeam Device

This tiny device easily connects to your TV and WiFi network.  Once connected, it allows you to beam most internet streaming video directly to your TV (through the YouBeam Browser).  The device is portable so you can easily move it from one TV to another, or travel with it and use it at hotels.  Best of all, you get a FREE device with every paid subscription.*

The YouBeam Browser

This browser was created for internet video.  The safest and most private browser on the market.  It is literally impossible to download a virus, adware, or spyware.  It blocks all those annoying pop-up ads.  And best of all, it beams most internet videos, or videos that are stored on your computer, to your TV through the YouBeam device.


Now available for Windows

Soon available on Android and iOS


The YouBeam Search Engine

This search engine was made exclusively for finding free streaming video.  Choose the category you want to search (movies, TV shows, music videos, adult) and then type in what you are looking for.   The YouBeam Search Engine helps narrow your search to what you are actually looking for, and then gives accurate results where that video can be seen.   You can also choose from our many live channels or a specific site such as YouTube or Vimeo,   We also have a unique rating system on our browser where users can rate the quality of videos they watch, and these rating are used to improve future search results for everyone.

We are not like Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku

What Makes YouBeam Better?

Live Channels

WE have over 200 live channels. THEY are mostly video on demand.


Free Device

WE give a free YouBeam device to every paid subscriber. THEY just want you to buy their device and then subscribe to all their partners.

Universal Beaming

WE let you surf the entire internet for free streaming video to beam to your TV. THEY are mostly closed to compatible apps and websites.

Universal Quality

OUR technology provides high quality video from most websites. THEIR products provide poor and choppy quality from websites that are not part of their network.

Beam Videos Stored on your Computer

OUR Media Center feature lets you beam video stored on your Computer to your TV. THEY only work with online video.

We block ads and tracking

WE block annoying pop-ups and prevents tracking. THEY make money by showing ads and tracking you.

Made for Free Video

WE are compatible with thousands of free videos available on the internet. THEY are compatible with mostly paid or ad-driven apps and sites.

We are a Community

WE encourage our users to share and help each other with our unique rating system and many other social featuers we have planned for the future. THEY have no social features.

Our Search Engine

We help you find free videos throughout the entire internet. They steer you to their partner websites and content providers.

Beam to Multiple TVs

JUST ONE YouBeam browser and subscription can beam to multiple YouBeam devices in your home. THEIR apps only let you beam to one TV at a time.

Frees your Device

OUR Browser lets you do other things with your computer or phone, or even turn it off, after you beam your video. THEIR apps require you to leave them while your video is playing and drain your battery.

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